Charter Blue Marlin Fishing in Bermuda

Whether you release or keep it, landing a giant Blue Marlin is an unforgettable thrill and there’s no better way to experience it than by charter fishing in Bermuda. When your line is screaming off the reel, disappearing into the sparkling Atlantic waters, you know you’re about to embark upon the biggest fishing adventure of your life. The first time you feel that unmistakable tug, you’ll be hooked as surely as the four hundred pound behemoth on the end of your line.

Aside from marlin, the waters off Bermuda teem with dozens of other game fish, including mahi-mahi, black and yellow fin tuna, barracuda, wahoo, amberjacks and sharks. The summer months are the best time for Blue Marlin fishing in Bermuda, especially during the full moon, but despite frequent storms from December through February, game fish run all year long. May through November is the official fishing season, but since Bermuda is in the migrating path of large schools of tuna, some of the best tuna fishing is during the off-season months, so unless the weather is really severe, one can generally charter a boat at any time.

Even first-time anglers can get in on the fun, since most captains and their crews are themselves ardent and knowledgeable fishermen and are always eager to coach a newcomer in the art of sport fishing. Your success is both their business and their pleasure, one of the reasons for the abundance and availability of Bermuda charter boats and the amiability of their owners.

You might notice that fishing boats are never yellow, have names like “Chiquita” or carry other banana references. You might also receive a request from your captain to leave your breakfast banana onshore. This is due to a common myth that carrying the yellow fruit on a fishing boat will keep the marlin away. This story was started by stevedores who, knowing that poison tarantulas live in bananas, spread the rumor that if a banana falls into the sea and is eaten by a marlin, it would not only kill the fish, it would also warn all of its kinfolk to stay away. Although this appears to be just another “old fisherman’s tale”, marlin fishermen continue to perpetuate the myth and it does no harm to go along with it, just in case.

Cautionary tales aside, there is nothing like a day on a Bermuda charter boat, stalking and hauling in a giant Blue Marlin to make that next vacation one of your most treasured memories.
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